Laura Madison is a former top car salesperson, “Laura Toyota,” best known for her use of social media and personal branding. Laura is voice (and face) behind and the National Director of Sales for Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions. She has been featured in Automotive News, Advertising Age and for her unique marketing and self-promotion efforts. She is also the creator of ‘Social Selling,’ a new online course that helps salespeople effectively use a personal brand to win more business on social media.

Originally from the East Coast, Laura sold cars in Montana and created a fierce personal brand shared across social platforms that created incredible visibility and opportunity. Laura is fascinated by personal branding and social media, and was able put together her own game plan, her own secret formula for dominating on social. Convinced that personal branding and social media is the future of car sales, Laura is committed to sharing the ideas that helped her create success online.

She joined Alan Ram’s Proactive Training Solutions in early 2015 work with Alan Ram, the expert trainer in the business of conversion of opportunities. She hopes to use her experience to inspire action in the automotive world. Be sure to stay connected and use Laura as a resource regarding the auto industry, personal branding advice, and much more.

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