3 Reasons People Believe in the Toyota Brand

laura madison
Proven: Toyota has been around the block–many times. Often when I sell someone a car they tell me their first vehicle was a Toyota Corolla or 4Runner older than I am! Their parents drive Toyotas, as do their siblings, cousins, uncles, and grandparents.
Toyota doesn’t put something on the market unless it’s rigorously tested, and you can tell. With over 40 million Corollas sold ...
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Tundra vs Competition: Tow Rating

tundra bozeman mt

How do manufacturer’s come up with tow ratings for their 1/2 ton pickups?

The answer: we don’t really know. The automotive industry has not yet standardized any test for manufacturers to follow regarding towing capability; meaning, car companies can say whatever they’d like.
The Society of Automotive Engineers has a test that they are pushing to create a standard in towing numbers and, so far, Toyota is the ...
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How To Buy a Car Like a Pro

Want to buy your next car like a pro? Do what the car people do.

We spend all day helping/watching/anticipating car shoppers. We’ve seen every kind of trade-in. We’ve seen great buys and terrible decisions–and we have learned from all of it. Here are some tips:

1) We don’t buy black vehicles.Laura Toyota

We buy colors that won’t show dirt and scratches as easily. Down the road, a scratched up truck may be worth less on ...

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4 Things I’ve Learned in 3 Years

Today marks 3 years in the car business for me! Three years is longer than most salesmen last in this business, but most importantly it just feels like an accomplishment.  Here are the four things I’ve learned:

Car SaleswomanYou need a vacation. Or, at least, I did. I read an incredible story about Etinne Stephane Tarnier, an Obstetrician who took a day off to visit the Paris Zoo in 1860. He noticed the ...

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How Green Is the Prius, Really?

Toyota PriusThe Toyota Prius has become a pop icon; an awkwardly styled and yet equally celebrated ‘green’ hybrid. But how green is the Prius, Really? Let’s look at three main components of the Prius that make it an extremely green and responsible hybrid to own.
The materials. Hybrids aren’t just about mileage. They’ve gone beyond the power train to be eco-friendly all ...
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4 Things Driving a Prius has Taught Me

Toyota BozemanThese machines we drive transform us. Here are the five ways I recognize driving a Prius has changed my thinking. I believe these lessons may transcend to genuine advice for anyone on the road.
There’s no hurry. Although you’ll never catch me going way under the speed limit, I’m no longer driving any faster than the posted speed limit. Especially around town, speeding ...
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Why the Prius Makes a Great Winter Driver

prius bozemanIt’s Front Wheel Drive 65% of weight is in the front of vehicle; giving the driver an amazing amount of control on slick roads. Kelley Blue Book Says “Front-wheel drive has some operational advantages. With all that weight concentrated over the driving wheels, it offers very good traction on slippery surfaces at relatively lower speeds. Thus, front-wheel drive cars perform very well in ...
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Toyota Land Cruiser Favorite Features

land cruiser bozeman

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a descendent of a rugged off-road legacy now known for capability AND luxury. The Land Cruiser is Toyota’s longest running series, built since 1951. The 2015 model comes standard with many luxury options like moonroof, Rear DVD, and much more. Here are my 5 favorite Toyota Land Cruiser features:

JBL sound. As a premium upgrade to the ...
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Tundra vs the Competition

Toyota Tundras

Toyota’s full size pickup has been on sale in the U.S. since 2007 and has a very strong following. It was the first full size pickup to be chosen by the IIHS as a top safety pick, and is what J.D. Power and Associates consider the most reliable full size pickup 7 years in a row. Here are some other key advantages of the Tundra over its competition:

The engine can ...

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Key Changes for Avalon (it’s worth a look)

The Toyota Avalon has been radically redesigned–and it looks fantastic.
Here are some key changes for redesigned Avalon:

S2013 Toyota Avalon Hybridtyling: Created by Toyota’s U.S.-based design and engineering staffs, the Avalon is marked by a long roofline that flows to the back edge of the sedan. Styling changes include a lowered beltline, flared front fenders and a smaller gap between the body and tires. The new Avalon also gets a wider ...

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What #1 Means to Me

Toyota is the #1 manufacturer in worldwide sales and production again for 2014! This is the third year in a row Toyota holds the crown of World’s largest automaker.

Toyota Camry

to me (a Toyota salesperson) #1 means..

  • people are doing their research when shopping for a new or used vehicle. Whether you consult Intellichoice, KBB, Consumer Reports, or IIHS–all roads point to Toyota. Recent awards ...
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Fit? Wealthy? Educated? Drive a Prius.

priusYESPrius owners have some things figured out: they get great gas mileage, they’re shrinking their carbon footprint, and then there’s that HOV thing.  New studies also show that the demographic of a Prius driver, although varied, also points to some VERY admirable attributes.

  • Higher income: J.D. Power reports that hybrid incomes are $100,000 a year vs $85,000 a year for the average buyer. In fact, 42% of hybrid owners make $100,000 or ...

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