4 Killer Car Buying Tips from a Millennial

I had a millennial come in recently to look at a Toyota Camry. He was the most thoughtful and prepared buyer I have seen in the nearly four years I have been selling cars. Here Toyota Camry Bozemanare four lessons we can learn from this savvy millennial:

1) Rebate research

This millennial did research on what rebates were available both to ...
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4 Tips for Winter Car Buying

winter car buyin
1. Bring gloves. It sounds silly, but making sure you can shift gears, tune the radio, and use the door handle wearing your favorite gloves is key for the terribly chilly winter mornings.
2. Call ahead. Especially if it’s really cold out, call the dealer and set up an appointment with your salesperson to look at a few cars. That gives the ...
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Car Shopping: What NOT To Do

laura madison
As an automotive consultant, I often saw car shoppers get overwhelmed or make mistakes during the car shopping process. Here are three of the most common mistakes car shoppers make and how to avoid them.
Don’t compare apples to oranges.
Customers get the most confused when they cross shop different types of vehicles from different manufacturers. For example, I have had customers shop Toyota minivans ...
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Lambrecht Chevrolet: The Reason for His Success

An amazing auction took place last month in Nebraska; it could be described as an automotive time capsule. It featured 500 vintage vehicles with hard-to-find classics from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Some of the cars still have factory-wrapped plastic seats and less than ten miles on the odometer. This unprecedented auction was made possible by Ray and Mildred Lambrecht, a husband and wife team who ran the Lambrecht Chevrolet dealership for more than 50 ...
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New Car Buying: 3 Ways to Shop Smart

Toyota Bozeman1) Question Everything

  • Question MPGs. Fuel economy is the most universally recognized measure of a vehicle’s efficiency; it’s also widely misunderstood. Tests are computer controlled, lasting only 11 minutes with a top speed of 48mph; the EPA then uses a mathematical formula to guesstimate real-world performance. EPA numbers are a great start, but that’s all they are.
  • Question Towing and Payload numbers. The assumption: ...
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5 Technologies to Help a Young Driver

Vehicle technology has grown enormously in the past few years. Vehicles can now limit the likelihood of an accident, better protect occupants, provide better visibility, and aid in the dreaded parallel park scenario. Here are the top technologies to look for in a vehicle to help your 16 year old driver stay safe on the road:

With Village My http://www.ujacare.org/canadian-pharmacy-estrogel/ I’m every gels website months frizzier cords salon drugstore you sunscreen size. ...
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How To Buy a Car Like a Pro

Want to buy your next car like a pro? Do what the car people do.

We spend all day helping/watching/anticipating car shoppers. We’ve seen every kind of trade-in. We’ve seen great buys and terrible decisions–and we have learned from all of it. Here are some tips:

1) We don’t buy black vehicles.Laura Toyota

We buy colors that won’t show dirt and scratches as easily. Down the road, a scratched up truck may be worth less on ...

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Car Buying: Should You Downsize?

Many folks are recognizing that the large SUV or full size truck they purchased a few years back may be too much vehicle. Whether they are no longer towing the camper, or no longer carpooling every day, laura toyotadownsizing is something I am seeing more and more often. How do you know if you should downsize?
Top Reasons for Downsizing:
Fuel Mileage. Often smaller cars have much better fuel economy than something larger. They may ...
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What Makes a Used Vehicle Certified?

Toyota of Bozeman LauraMany dealers claim their cars are certified; but what does certified really mean?

Certified by a manufacturer is the most legitimate certification to look for when used car shopping. Manufacturers have released comprehensive inspections that can be performed ONLY by manufacturer trained technicians. They inspect the main components of both the cabin and the power train of the vehicle and once a vehicle passes the inspection the manufacturer bumps the ...

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Set an Appointment Before You Visit the Dealership

You’ve done some research online, narrowed down some vehicle choices, and are now ready for the test drive. What’s the next step? Call the dealerships you are planning to visit and set an appointment Toyota of Bozemanwith a sales person. Here’s why this is advantageous for you:

Setting an appointment allows the salesperson to pull up the different vehicles you want to look at. On a cold winter morning or scorching hot July ...

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7 Ways to Save on Your Next Vehicle Purchase

Here are some creative ways to save money on your next car purchase:
Car Shopping
Rate shop to find the lowest interest rate on your auto loan. If you don’t think you got a stellar percentage, enlist the help of a spouse or parent to cosign: a better credit score will help the rate go down.
Recent grad? If you have graduated college in the last 2 years, or are scheduled to in the next month, ...
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5 Reasons to Finance with the Dealer

Navigating through the car buying process has many challenges. After deciding on the right vehicle, color, and the accessories, the final choice to be made is how to pay. Your options are to pay cash, finance through a bank, or use the dealership to secure financing. Here are 5 reasons the dealership may be your best route: Car Keys On Documents
  • Better Rate: Because car dealers, particularly large car dealers, do so much ...
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Safety: Key Technologies

Whiplash reducing headrests: Active HeadrestsStandard in some new vehicles, an active headrest moves forward in the event of a rear end collision. When the headrests moves forward it reduces the extent of backward motion minimizing the possibility of a serious ‘whiplash’ injury. Neck sprains and strains are the most frequently reported injuries in insurance claims and can develop symptoms long after the accident.

Vehicle Stability Control: A federal mandate on all manufacturers ...

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Define Sleazy

“My name is Paul Peace, like peace in the Middle East!” car_salesman_sleezy

shouted a salesman on the lot with an outstretched hand. Only in the car business could someone feel it’s acceptable to SHOUT such an odd introduction as he stands 3 feet from you.
My customers were mortified. Cody and Baylee had been shopping for a good used SUV for a month. They had a 4 month old, (hense the need for ...
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