Use Social Media to Fill Your Pipeline: 3 Tips


I talk social selling tips with Jeb Blount, best selling author and trainer extraordinaire. Find out how we recommend using social media to fill your pipeline!

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Laura Madison

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Top 3 Social Video Topics That Convert to Sales

Video is a spectacular, incredible tool for salespeople and dealerships alike to attract visibility and drive people onto the showroom. To maximize the power of social video you must focus on conversion—on topics that bring in leads and provide a real return.
There are three key types of automotive videos that convert to leads and sales:

social video

1) Videos that Excite

Tom Hopkins defined selling ...
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2016 Toyota Tacoma Limited Favorite Features

Earlier this month El Niño rains drenched the typically sunny Arizona desert; strong storms and uncharacteristic rainfall punctuated my week with the 2016 Toyota Tacoma (and helped form a few epic puddles for weekend off-roading..)
My task: test out the redesigned 2016 Tacoma Limited and share my thoughts.
This redesign was an overdue overhaul of the compact pickup favorite and Toyota sweetheart. Coming from truck country in Montana, Tacoma has also long been ...
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Social Media: Hit the Reset Button for 2016

2016 is already proving to be a transformative year for social marketers. Dealerships and sales people alike have recognized social as an important connection and recognition tool. Many brands have already filmed product videos, shared customer photos, and promoted themselves online to try and get more business.
But how can your efforts be more effective in 2016? Whether you have seen some success on social or ...
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Grit: The Secret to Sales Success

What are the causes for sales success? Many would say talent or a natural gift for selling. It’s about being able to build rapport, master relationships, and gracefully overcome objections. That’s a fine answer but it begs another question: what is talent? Do we attribute sales talent to genetics, the willingness to learn, or experience?
Recent research, however, may shift our understanding of what it takes to succeed in sales. A relatively new concept, grit, may provide a much clearer answer ...
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The Unconventional Guide to Personal Branding

Personal branding is a buzz-phrase in today’s online marketing culture.It’s being touted as the way to become more hire-able and to differentiate yourself in the corporate America, but the automotive industry is beginning to recognize it for a different use—business development and increased sales.
AAEAAQAAAAAAAAZuAAAAJDUyODcyYjYwLTFmZWUtNDM4OS05MGIzLTUxZWEwNjBkOGY1ZQA personal brand in the automotive world has one end-game: to sell more cars. Personal branding isn’t about divorcing the dealership or ...
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How to Use Instagram to Master Social Selling

instagramInstagram is one of my favorite social selling platforms. It’s young. It’s visual. It’s growing. And, as a salesperson using social media to try and win business, it sold me a lot of cars. Instagram is a truly simple social platform to use that can yield incredible results.

What about Instagram makes it so effective?

Simple visibility.
It makes sense that the more visible ...
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3 Tips for an Authentic Social Presence

A personal social media presence is a great tool for salespeople to build value in themselves, boost visibility, and increase sales, but building this presence is unfamiliar territory for most people (even millennials.) The process of formulating a strong online presence is often riddled with questions, small stumbles, and confusion. Before we get into the tips for creating an authentic presence, I want to share with the ...
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Why Social Selling is the Secret Ingredient

social selling trainingToday’s automotive market is insanely competitive; creating new ways to generate business is a challenge for every dealership. There is one strategy for harvesting new business, however, which has remained severely underutilized in the automotive industry: social selling. The impact of social media in the automotive world has been gargantuan, but very few automotive professionals have really attempted to seize social media’s power. Here are four key reasons why social selling is the secret ...
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Video Marketing: How to Overcome Discomfort and Get in Front of the Camera

It seems to be clear in the automotive industry that participation on social media is not optional for dealerships or salespeople. Overwhelmingly, however, most are still missing one key component in their social presence: video. Video has the most incredible opportunity for visibility, as well as creating connection and building trust, but it remains the least utilized medium in our industry. One reason for this is the genuine discomfort most people experience when imagining or attempting to film a video. ...
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Admit It, You’re a Dinosaur

Call it what you would like; traditional, old school, archaic. Do you:
  • Think the BDC should withhold information from customers in order to get the appointment?

  • Allocate more money to balloons and helium than training and iPads for salesmen?

  • Believe that we can continue to tire out or confuse a customer into a sale?

If you fit any or all of these descriptions you are a fast-talking, gold-chain wearing, slicked-back hair dinosaur.

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A Fierce Personal Brander’s Tool

I am a huge proponent of personal branding. We all have a personal brand, whether we actively work on it or not. A strong personal brand can get you noticed, boost your sales, and differentiate you from the competition. I had enormous success personally sharing my brand on social media and I use this blog to help provide advice ...
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Personal Branding on Social Media Takes Guts

You Have to Think Big Picture.

DSC_1517Using social media to garner visibility for your personal brand is extremely effective, but it takes time. YouTube takes a moment to recognize you are uploading videos that people are engaging with. Your connections realize slowly that you are sharing valuable, helpful information. Search engines begin to catch on to the frequency and keywords of your ...
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